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Balm Innovations, LLC is a provider of innovative, effective natural personal care products. The company was formed after a visit of an Executive MBA team to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in search of a technology around which to develop a business plan for the 2004 Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Development business plan competition. It was discovered that a topical cream referred to as “miraculous” had been developed by a UAMS pharmaceutical researcher.

This cream, now called Omnibalm, was presented as a highly effective product for skin irritations that achieved significant and powerful results after other skin care products had failed. Through the process of developing the business plan and verifying the effectiveness of the product first hand, an MBA student became interested in the business opportunity and formed Balm Innovations in August 2004 to commercialize Omnibalm and related natural personal care products.

Balm Innovations successfully launched Omnibalm in USA Drug stores in central Arkansas in late 2005. Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy, a cream for general and diabetic foot care, was introduced in the summer of 2008.  Omnibalm Skin Relief Cream, a multipurpose cream that immediately soothes a variety of skin conditions, was introduced in the first quarter of 2009.  Omnibalm is now available in pharmacies in several states.

The Story of Omnibalm: Nature and Science Meet

Omnibalm was developed nearly 20 years ago when a pharmaceutical researcher was searching for relief from his severe sunburn. His research led him to natural tea tree oil. Impressed with the oil’s healing properties, he formulated tea tree oil into a non-greasy cream to extend the beneficial effects of the oil.

Because Omnibalm contains 13% of the highest quality tea tree oil available, it offer the benefits sought by tea tree oil users in a formulation that absorbs easily and penetrates deeply. Omnibalm’s proprietary formula combines the natural benefits of tea tree oil with moisturizers to soothe skin on contact.

For almost 20 years, Omnibalm has been shared with family and friends of Omnibalm’s developer who have discovered the product’s remarkable effectiveness and versatility. These individuals and other customers have used Omnibalm successfully on a wide variety of skin conditions including dry skin (xeroderma), cracking, itching, daily foot care, sun damaged skin, chafing, roughness, and similar skin conditions. They enthusiastically report that “OMNIBALM WORKS!” after other products have failed.

Today, Omnibalm is available to the public so you, your family, and your friends can now share the secret of soothing skin care!

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