Dry Cracked Skin

“As a lifelong duck hunter and hunting property manager, I have experienced many years of painful roughness and cracking on my knuckles and hands due to exposure to the elements. Nothing I tried before quite did the trick for my dry skin. Now that I have found Omnibalm, when I have to remove my gloves during the hunt my skin feels comfortable and the dryness and cracking are prevented. Omnibalm works for my dry skin, and I have been recommending Omnibalm to hunters at our lodge.
Eddie Lumsden :: Stuttgart, AR
The Schoolhouse Lodge, DOA Guide Service

“For 10 weeks four of my fingers have been dried out and cracking. I bought about 10 different moisturizers trying to relieve the bleeding and stiffness of my fingers. On a Thursday I purchased Omnibalm and by Sunday my fingers were completely restored. Thanks so much.”

Omnibalm is better than any other product I’ve ever used for my dry cracking fingertips.”

“I had a skin condition on my hands which caused extreme dryness causing the skin to crack and bleed. Within five days of using Omnibalm, my skin is now in perfect condition. Omnibalm did more than anything else I have tried.”

“For years, I have struggled with extremely dry skin which manifests itself in the form of severe cracks on my hands, particularly on my fingers. In the winter months, it’s not uncommon for my hands to crack and bleed constantly. I have tried every imaginable cream, lotion or oil known to man – particularly those claiming to work for extremely dry skin. I have even tried several creams devoted just to cracking hands. but none of them ever seemed to make any difference. Omnibalm is the first cream that I have ever used that really made a significant difference in healing existing cracks, moisturizing my hands without leaving them greasy, and preventing episodes of extreme dryness. It’s the only thing I’ve found that really works.”

“I am a carpenter and am outside 95% of the time. The winter weather causes my hands to crack and split open. I have used Omnibalm for 3 days now. WOW! I could tell the difference immediately. This is the first product that I have tried that actually did what it said. The difference in my skin was visible with the first application. I’ve been looking for a product that delivered what it said, and I have now found it in Omnibalm. Thank you!”

“I have trouble with painful cracks on my finger tips. I had a particularly bad crack on my thumb, and I opened my mail and found your Omnibalm sample. I tried it and got immediate results. I am hoarding this sample like it is pure gold.”

“I have tried Omnibalm for several days on both my hands and feet. My hands feel noticeably softer, and your cream has softened my rough cuticles. I have tried many products, but I truly think Omnibalm has given me the best results in softening my cuticles. Omnibalm is simply terrific and I’m not saying this just to be polite!! I plan to keep well stocked with this miracle product! You have created a winner!! Thank you for creating a product that is so beneficial in so many ways!!”

“My son got into a patch of poison ivy not long ago. We tried everything to clear it up, even steroids and creams prescribed by his doctor, but Omnibalm was the only thing that worked. After three weeks of suffering we used Omnibalm for three days and the dry, scaly skin was GONE! Not only that, but after I applied it to him, my hands were noticeably softer. Thank you for such a wonderful product! I am a firm believer in Omnibalm and recommend it to everyone!

Itchy Skin

“I am allergic to bug bite, always have a bad reaction to it (big red swollen lesion (painful and itchy) and it normally last for almost a week. I tried almost every OTC products and also prescription corticosteroid but nothing worked. Omnibalm is the best product for bug bite I have ever used. It has a great cooling effect that helps with pain and itch. I got a product around 5pm and used it every hour or so until bed time. The redness was almost gone in the morning (only about 13 hours after using Omnibalm). I now have only mild pain and itch which get better after I reapply the cream. It is very impressive! Thanks, Bill!”

“I am using Omnibalm to control the itching on some keloid scars. The tea tree oil seems to be the effective ingredient which works very well. The aroma is pleasant & the effects last the whole day.”

“I have extremely dry skin after having had a hysterectomy several years ago. My skin itches from being dry and flaky. Omnibalm has helped tremendously. Stops the itching instantly. Thanks so much.”

“My back had itched tremendously as I tried to go to sleep each night. Nothing I did would help. My husband got tired of scratching me!!! I have not had that itching the last two nights since I started using Omnibalm.”

“I had a number of chigger bites and mosquito bites that persisted until I used Omnibalm. I have subsequently used it to soothe the irritation of sun damaged skin, and it worked great. I would tell anyone to give it a try, it works!”

“I have discovered many uses for Omnibalm. Our backyard is adjacent to a heavily wooded park. The fences and trees are very prone to growing poison ivy. We also have tons of mosquitoes in our yard and garden and occasionally have chiggers as well. Omnibalm is the best product for itching we have found.”

“Last week I was bitten over a thousand times by fire ants on two successive days. I don’t know what I would have done without Omnibalm.”

“Saturday my little girl was playing in a softball tournament. She ran up to me having a fit that her back was itching. I looked and a mosquito had bitten her on the shoulder blade. There was a big whelp. She was begging for something to be put on it so I went to my purse to get some steroid cream I thought I had. I didn’t have that, BUT I had an Omnibalm sample a friend had given me. I thought ‘well, at least she’ll think I put something on it that will work,’ and low and behold, it worked immediately, and the whelp went down quick. She had no more itching, and today you can’t even see  the bite at all. I just wanted to say thank you and I will be supporting Omnibalm and spreading the word. I will be buying a bottle to keep in her bat bag and my purse!”

“My son is allergic to mosquitoes. We have spent several hundred of dollars on doctor visits, antibiotics, and creams through the summer. Also not to mention all the money on the repellants that didn’t work. It was so frustrating until a lady at USA Drug gave me a sample of Omnibalm. That was our blessing. He can play outside with his friends and not worry about his legs looking like someone burned him with a cigarette afterwards. The Omnibalm is a blessing in our house. The last time we were at the doctor he complimented himself that he finally found something to help the bites. I had to pull the bottle out and let him know about Omnibalm. He wrote it down to pass the word too.”

Itchy Feet

“Well, the transatlantic sailing trip’s over and the Omnibalm was well used. My poor burning itchy feet after soaking in my boots for 3 out of every 4½ hours were grateful if I gave them a rub with Omnibalm before climbing into my bunk. I am quite impressed with the excellent healing properties exhibited by Omnibalm. It stood the test no matter what type of stress I inflicted on my skin.”

Dry Feet

“Fabulous. Omnibalm had a nice clean smell, not overpowering and went on nice and smooth. Omnibalm wasn’t greasy. It didn’t make me feel that I had to get up and wash my hands after. As far as what it did for my foot, it helped almost immediately. It moisturized around the heel and ball and it had a visible impact. My foot just looked better and still feels good. I’ll use this until I run out of samples and then I’ll go buy some.”
Jeremy Peppas ::
Product review in Arkansas Medical News

“My lifestyle has been very strenuous for my feet. Over the years, I have tried various products that have failed to alleviate my severely dry, rough feet.

I am an avid runner, hiker, and love to be barefoot. As Miss Arkansas, I wore high heels 24/7 and my feet suffered immensely. Now I am working in a pharmacy, and I am on my feet all day. I decided to conduct my own experiment with two products, Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy and a leading therapeutic moisturizing cream, to find relief for my feet. Twice daily for two weeks I applied Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy to one foot and the other cream to the other foot. There is no comparison between the two products. Omnibalm far exceeded my expectations. Omnibalm not only healed and relieved my dry, overstressed feet, but the tea tree oil soothed and relaxed my feet at the end of a long day.

Omnibalm is now an essential part of my daily regime. My feet THANK you Omnibalm!”
Amber Bennett ::
Miss Arkansas 2006

“I have been using Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy for about two weeks now. It has a great consistency, as it is not at all greasy and is quickly absorbed into the feet when applied. I had a bunion that was bothering me and Omnibalm Foot Therapy has softened this bunion and helped ease the pain and discomfort as a result. The aroma of the Foot Therapy is milder too and is not as strong as the older versions of Omnibalm that I’ve used.

Another great thing about Foot Therapy is the container. Since it is a softer plastic container that is not as rigid as the older plastic containers were, it is easier to squeeze the cream out of the tube and therefore avoid wasting some of the product.

Even though I put the Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy on much earlier this morning, my feet still feel hydrated and comfortable. I noticed that as I was walking around my office suite a moment ago.

What’s not to love about this new Omnibalm product!!

P.S. I have been using the Foot Therapy on my elbows too and found that it works quite well in softening them.”

“I received a sample of Omnibalm at the 2006 Race for the Cure in Little Rock. I used it that night on my feet that were achy and tired plus being very dry. Omnibalm has completely changed the appearance of my feet. I went out and bought a bottle the next day at one of the local drugstores. I highly recommend it!”

Dry Cracked Feet

“My mother has Alzheimer’s Disease and her feet had become very rough, scaly, and had started to split along the heels and soles. They had become so bad that she had trouble walking. Her doctor had been giving her injections in her feet but they were so painful I requested they stop. For the past two weeks we have used Omnibalm on her feet. Since that time they have become almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I am almost out of Omnibalm and will be willing to pay whatever it costs in order to keep using it for my mother’s feet.”

“Your cream, Omnibalm, is wonderful. I used Omnibalm on my husband’s dry, cracked, and damaged feet. It has worked miracles on them!”

Omnibalm’s effectiveness was put to the test on my wife’s dry and cracking feet. I applied some Omnibalm to her feet and within a few minutes they were as soft and supple as a baby’s bottom!!”

“When I tried Omnibalm on my feet, I noticed an immediate difference! Your cream is better than any of the other diabetic foot creams I have used in the past. My feet feel hydrated and smooth all day long when I apply Omnibalm in the morning, and my feet no longer appear to be dry and cracked. I just had to let you know how great my feet are feeling now that I am a faithful Omnibalm user. Prior to using the Omnibalm, I had resolved to get much more serious about exercising and, now that my feet are losing that dry, cracked sensation, it’s so much easier to walk briskly and to work out on my exercise glider at home.

Omnibalm is simply terrific and I’m not saying this just to be polite!! I plan to keep well stocked with this miracle product! You have created a winner!!”

Rough Heels

“I have diabetes, and my feet are so rough that my husband almost can’t stand to touch them. I used Omnibalm on my heels and feet, and he now loves to rub my feet for me. He said that they have never been so soft. Thanks again.”

Blistered Feet

“I’ve found a new use for Omnibalm! I went on a long walk and developed ugly blisters on my toes. I put Omnibalm on the blisters before going to bed and woke up blister-free!”

Sun Damaged Skin

“I did a foolish thing this weekend. I went to the lake with my children and grandchildren and spent too much time in the sun. Omnibalm was a life saver.”

“I am an outdoorsman. I fish, hunt, sail, and generally spend every available minute in environments where I am likely to be stung, bitten, scraped, and over-exposed to the sun. Omnibalm has become a permanent addition to my first aid kit.”

“I received my Omnibalm sample. Thank you. I will be buying a full size bottle. My sun damaged hands feel and look the best in many years.”

Other Skin Care Testimonials

“This product is amazing. I’ve used it on cold sores, bug bites, and extremely dry skin I had from using Retin-A products. Not only does Omnibalm help solve the problem rapidly, but it has a nice tingle that soothes. This is a product that will replace many others in my medicine cabinet.”

“I’ve used Omnibalm for years. It was developed by one of our pharmacists in Little Rock and with all the frequent handwashing we have to do this cream really saves your skin from breakdown. It is long-lasting and seems to last through several washes. I love the smell of Tea Tree Oil but if you do not like that scent I would skip this cream because it smells very strong when first applied, however, it fades after a few minutes.”
P. Gee

“Many thanks for sharing Omnibalm. My 89 year old grandmother requires physical assistance, especially in bathing, etc. A month ago, she complained of severe pain in her groin. During her shower that night, I discovered that she had a very large area in her groin that was raw. Following her showers, we began to treat the affected area with a thick cream similar to a diaper rash cream used for infants. Application of this cream was extremely painful for my grandmother because of the way it pulled on her already damaged skin. This cream did almost nothing to improve the raw area, doing little more than building up on her skin which then had to be scrubbed in order to get the groin clean for another application. A long story short: this treatment was going nowhere fast.

A friend loaned me some Omnibalm and from the second application, we could all see a big improvement. Not only did the area look better, but application of the balm was not painful at all to my grandmother. It seems to lie easily on her skin, is not absorbed by her clothes, and does not required repeated applications throughout the day. Even though the wound is now completely healed, we continue to apply Omnibalm to sensitive areas on my grandmother’s skin following every shower. I think Omnibalm really has a future!”

“I have used Omnibalm for many years for many different conditions. I swear by it!”

“My youngest son is vacationing with his best bud in Florida this week and got stung by a jellyfish yesterday evening. As he is allergic to and has issues with many meds, they called me quickly to see what they could give him for pain. I told them yes to the Tylenol and to apply Omnibalm to the site. When I finally got tired of waiting to hear the next status report, I called them. He was already back romping on the beach. He just called me a few minutes ago. I asked him how his sting was. He said fine. I asked him if the Omnibalm took the sting out, he said, ‘pretty much so.’ I told him to apply some Omnibalm today to the elbow site. He said, ‘It’s gone.’ I questioned knowing he had a good supply of packets, ‘The Omnibalm is all gone?? ‘He said, ‘No, the jellyfish bite.’ So add jellyfish bites to your list of ‘Omnibalm works!’”

“I used Omnibalm for the first time today. My finger touched the iron this morning and suffered for about 15 minutes before I realized I had some Omnibalm. Immediate results! Thanks!”

“I have used your Omnibalm sample and loved it. I had windburn on my cheeks and it worked great!”

“Thank you for sending this awesome sample. I used it right away and my hands were instantly better. I loved Omnibalm and gave a small dab to my friend to try and she agreed it worked wonderfully!!!!!!!”

“My husband was bedridden for the last several years of his life. When he began to develop bedsores I asked my daughter to check with the pharmacists she worked with to see what might help. Omnibalm was suggested. The home health nurse said she had never seen anything like it before. She used Omnibalm on him every visit, and he did not suffer from bedsores again.”

“I asked my professor about options to help my complexion. The next day she brought me Omnibalm. I used it every night and had great results in a week. I still use Omnibalm every other day before I go to bed. I feel a lot better about my appearance. I have had no side effects from this cream. It works great!”

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